Houston Property in April 2017

Houston- (May 10, 2017) – consumers held a real estate market in Houston in April, with sales of houses with one family housing and prices that are experiencing another month of profit, and inventories reached the highest level since August last year. The largest increase in sales occurred between households with a price of $ 750,000 or more (considered a luxury market), followed by households in the range of $ 250,000 to $ 499,999. In the luxury market, which had the weight of the energy crisis, April marked the sixth consecutive month of sales growth.

In April, compared to 6,387 a year earlier, according to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of Real Estate Agents (Har), a total of 6,583 family homes were sold. This means an increase of 3.1 percent. New promotional materials stimulated the volume of supplies for 3.6 months to 4.0 months.


The Houston property market had another powerful trend in April between real estate, and, as we expected, stock levels got a healthy boost,” said Cindy Hamann, President Har, with the legacy of Texas. The update points out that 13,300 jobs were created in Houston in March, the largest amount since September 2015, so we remain optimistic about the local economy. ”

Houston Real Estate

Median The price of a homogeneous house (the figure in which half of the households sold more than half is sold for a smaller amount) is Rose, 4.6% – $ 228,000. This marks the highest median price for April. The average price rose 4.7% to $ 291,770, which also represents a maximum of April.

April sales of all types of properties in Houston amounted to 8,014, 4.2% more than in the same month last year. Total sales in dollar terms in April increased by 8.1, 3% to $ 2,200,000.

April monthly comparison:

The Houston real estate market recorded wide spread in all dimensions in April, resulting in sales of houses with one family property, total sales of property, total dollar value, stocks and prices compared to April 2016.

At the end of the month, sales of houses with one family amounted to 8,381, 15.0% more than last year. The total number of active lists or the total number of available properties increased by 13.5% from April 2016 to 39,567.

The inventory of houses for single families increased with the supply of 3.6 months to 4.0 months. From the perspective of the perspective, the inventory list within e. Currently also in the source of 3.8 months, according to the latest report of the National Association of Realtors (bunk).

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